DIY Milestone Stencil

DIY Milestone Stencil

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Create your own milestones! This stencil is reusable, so whether you’re wanting to create for yourself, someone you know or for your business, these stencils are easy to use and make a fun little project!

Order as is or feel free to reach out and customize your own!

Kit comes with stencil, applicator and instructions. Designed for 3 inch rounds, but can be reconfigured to your specific needs! You will need your choice of rounds and your choice of paint.

Fun idea: use a wipeable surface like a chalkboard, tin or acrylic to redecorate each month!

Works best with smooth surfaces such as acrylic, glass, tin, wood, leather, clay. Wood should be sanded smooth (220 grit recommended). Works well with thicker mediums such as acrylic paints, chalk paint (great for reusable surfaces!), etchall, torch paste, etc.